Friday, January 27, 2012

PB 2 or Peanut Butter?

I recently read about a product hailed as a great way to get the taste of peanut butter without all the fat, called PB2.  I was shopping for groceries and saw it sitting next to the regular peanut butter and out of curiousity picked up a jar.  PB2 is mixed with equal parts water and 2 tablespoons has 45 calories compared to 200 calories for 2 tablespoons of my usual organic chunky peanut butter.  Sadly, I am not a fan.  The PB2 tastes flat and unpleasant to me.  I would rather have 1 tablespoon of the real stuff.  Now I have a jar of PB2 to give away.
Now, for a good way to use peanut butter, regular of PB2 if you like it, is for breakfast.  A quick breakfast is a slice of multigrain toast (I use Artisan Baking Company multigrain bread, my favorite bread and if you are fortunate enough to get some you'll see why.  Artisan Baking Company is on White Settlement Road, Fort Worth and at the Cowtown Farmers Market Saturday mornings.)
Spread the peanut butter on the toast and top with 1/2 of a banana, sliced.  I have several quick, standard breakfasts for workday mornings that I can make quickly and either eat at the counter or on the way to work. I will write about my top 5 breakfasts and lunches soon.


Penni said...

Plant based fat is always a better alternative. Still need to watch the intake but it's healthier than animal fat.

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